Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The holiness behind parenting

When I started the journey of parenting, just a couple of years ago, a good friend of mine shared a book that became very special to me. The tittle of the book was Raise Happy Children , Raise them Saints by Mary Ann Budnik. The tittle itself just blew my mind and like every new Mom, I just couldn't wait on devouring this book until finding the magic formula to raise my children the best way possible. The series of books were truly amazing and as all of you experienced moms know, there was not such a thing as a magic formula, but I did find something that changed my view on parenting for ever.

Instead of taking every well known saint and offering a detailed character study on them and their unique qualities, they did several case studies on the life of their parents. Never before I sat and read about the life of the parents of our most well known saints and their struggles, fears and joys in parenting. For them parenting was not just another ordinary thing to juggle among their busy lives but the most extraordinary thing to do with their lives. And the outcome, oh well , we know the rest of the story, remarkable individuals whose endless fountain of love, loyalty and service to our Lord not only gain them the tittle of saint but what is best of all, a place in heaven. We are ALL called to be saints, but those that embrace children through the vocation of marriage are called, through the grace of God, to FORM them.

Now as I look into the eyes of my little ones , I can't feel anything else but gratitude and appreciation at the holy task our Lord has entrusted me through parenting.
God bless !

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